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[Deftjams Event] Mount Kimbie | New Orleans April 13th

April 6, 2011

WCP + APP and Deftjams present London post dubstep duo Mount Kimbie making their New Orleans debut April 13th @ Hookah Lounge. It’s rare and special when highly touted artists make a point to hit NOLA on their first US tour. Jim-E Stack and Shuttle will also be performing along with various area DJs. Check out some tunes from the performers, make sure and RSVP.

MP3: “Maybes” (James Blake remix) – Mount Kimbie

MP3: “Before I Move Off” – Mount Kimbie

MP3: “Fault Line” (Shuttle remix) – O. Children

MP3: “Do U” – Jim-E Stack


Chew Lips – “Slick” (Jim-E Stack remix)

September 27, 2010

New balls to the wall remix of recycled london pop dream baby Chew Lips‘ “Slick” by Jim-E Stack. I can’t stand the original, thankfully Jim-E reworks the track into something undistinguishable, and much more digestible by my paltry American standards. Tight and tense, but still inherently soulful, a hard balance to get right.

MP3: “Slick” (Jim-E Stack remix) – Chew Lips

Caribou – “Sun” (Jim-E Stack remix)

September 7, 2010

Dan Snaith accidentally wanders across the Iranian border during a humanitarian hiking trip in Eastern Turkey. He’s taken into custody by Iranian border police, and after a short trial followed closely by international media is sentenced to caning. New Orleans by way of San Francisco teen producer Jim-E Stack remixes Caribou‘s “Sun” as a reaction to the international outcry.

MP3: “Sun” (Jim-E Stack remix) – Caribou