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Swiss Chriss & G-Eazy

January 27, 2011

About time these two got together on a title that speaks volumes about this weekend’s events. Remix by Dallask also available up on soundcloud. Swiss plays TKVR Jan 29 and Feb 3 w/ Skrillex.

MP3: “Nose Goes” – Swiss Chriss feat. G-Eazy


Throwback 1/22/10 featuring G-Eazy photos

January 23, 2010

I can start this post off by saying that it was difficult to shoot photos and drink at the same time. Throwback at Republic was packed as usual. G-Eazy‘s live set vastly improved upon any of his previous shows, and the crowd response was crazy. Post show things got a hazy up in Republic. Props to the SWED Clothing dudes who came all the way in from somewhere west of the Louisiana Purchase. Check out all the photos HERE

Lil Wayne and G-Eazy photo review

January 12, 2010

view the rest of the photos here

Oakland/New Orleans rapper G-Eazy had a chance to support Lil Wayne and Young Money on 3 dates of his farewell(before prison) tour in Lafayette, Little Rock and Memphis. I managed to catch the Lafayette and Memphis shows and shoot some photos while there. Big ups to my buddy Juice for the hookup. I saw Lil Wayne about a year and a half ago at Voodoo Fest 2008, and while the show wasn’t up to par with most festival acts, Wayne brought the party which more than made up for his technical difficulty riddled performance.

I got to Lafayette just in time for G-Eazy’s performance to a restless but ultimately receptive crowd. By the end of the 10 minute set, G had most of the audience nodding their heads and raising their cups for “Drinks Up“. Wayne killed it in both Lafayette and Memphis. The live band was on point, but it was Wayne’s spot on vocal execution and larger and than life stage presence that made the show. If you are a rapper and think that you are too cool for choreography, then you need to watch Wayne on stage. At first it didn’t look choreographed, but in an instant Wayne, Birdman and all of Young Money moved in unison on stage. The highlight of the two shows was unquestionably the end of G-Eazy’s Memphis set when G had the whole arena participating in a call and response of “fuck this shit cause my life is a party”. View videos from DJ Coolhand of all 3 dates here.

Franco Breaks Out

December 26, 2009

St. Louis native Michael Franco’s debut album The Fool Rushes In is a testament to his time spent living with Oakland rapper G-Eazy in New Orleans. And while Franco may have picked up his beat making skills from G, he certainly isn’t letting that limit him. Soulful and even somber at times, the album showcases a musician who’s on the verge of artistic freedom, nearly unlimited by the necessary software intermediaries. The only thing holding Franco back at this point is a programmed snare that appears way too often throughout the album. Franco has a talent for pulling at the heartstrings with these tracks, and there are very, very few beatmakers who posses the same skill. Check out a couple standout tracks, and download the whole album, for FREE here.

MP3: “Assassin Interlude” – Franco the Fool

MP3: “Sheets” – Franco the Fool

MP3: “This is It(feat. G-Eazy)” – Franco the Fool

SB Dunks (Swiss Chriss remix) – G-Eazy

December 10, 2009

In what is the first of what will hopefully be a long string of intra-NOLA remixes, Boston transplant Swiss Chriss remixes G-Eazy‘s subterranean VIP jam SB Dunks into a certified club banger. Ummm did that machine gun synth really just drop? WTF. I’ve also got some very special artwork for the single. That’s G and Chris on stage at Republic Throwback while Damion Yancy drops the remix for the very first time this past November.

MP3: “SB DUNKS” (Swiss Chriss remix) – G-Eazy

Swiss Chriss/Aquaforce/DS@STR/G-EAZY 12/5/09

December 10, 2009

Malachi – Aquaforce

Swiss Chriss

Malachi – Aquaforce

Swiss Chriss


Future – Aquaforce




View the rest of the photos HERE

What do I remember from December 5th? Bits and pieces. Flashing lights. Shots. Blunts. Bass. Pretty standard fare for a Saturday here I guess. Luckily I’ve got the photos to jog my memory. I made it to Frat House Uptown first for Swiss Chriss/Aquaforce/DS@STR set. Good crowd, everyone was having fun. DS@STR set the mood: fucking grimy. Aquaforce’s stage presence was undeniable, and their flow was tight despite their energy.

I left for Cafe Prytania during Swiss Chriss and managed to catch Power 102.9’s Mike Swift introducing G-Eazy. They shut that shit down. Shit, was shut down. Shut->DOWN. Shit. G’s flow was on point and the backing tracks sounded beast in the mix. Franco‘s onstage guitar cameo was short but sweet. Everybody in the building was fucked up, and there was a visible cloud of weed smoke wafting along the ceiling tiles. I remember some things. I remember opening my tab. I do not remember closing my tab. At either club… Tight sets from all parties involved.

12/5/09 was a turning point not just for music, but for attitudes. Things are changing, and people are learning how to party again. 2010 is the year.

BTW check out “Wolves” from Aquaforce’s upcoming “The Burgundy Mixtape”.

MP3: “Wolves” feat. Emalkay – Aquaforce