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Clouds side project + Benoit & Sergio’s oddly familiar melodies

April 6, 2011

Random tumbling, following a head nodding beat and some distant melody that seems more familiar than it should. New music from Benoit & Sergio. This is the alternate soundtrack if Biodome was actually a good movie.

MP3: “Principles” – Benoit & Sergio

Rustling little metal-techno track from Clouds’ brand new side project Frag_ment. Great music for plotting.

MP3: “Structure (Function)” – Frag_ment


Clouds – “Dust Nugget”

June 6, 2010

I’m looking at a 2 month unbroken streak of staying in town and sitting at my computer working all day. Truly a dream for those like myself eager to prove to themselves that they’re made for the daily grind. There’s a constant battle here between AC use and electricity bill awareness, it’s bigger than me, and nothing I can control. I’m bending to its whims, cranking the power to 7 even in the face of insurmountable billing. The AC demands it, proud knowing it alone stands between me and NOLA’s heat. Somewhere an Entergy employee is smiling.

MP3: “Dust Nugget” – Clouds

MP3: “Moon 37” – Clouds