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Chris d’Eon, Montreal Madman

December 15, 2009

Chris d’Eon sends a hell of an email. To the point, direct links to downloads of 3 releases, and an all too humble request that should you like his music, he’d be more than happy to send a cassette. The style runs the gamut from Jan Hammer and Chromeo pop, to more serene electro and finally a heavy Tibetan influence that Chris honed while studying Tibetan Dranyen while at a monastery recently. He’s got an impressive range and a depth of knowledge about melody, production, and something seemingly more spiritual.

MP3: “Track 8” – Chris d’Eon

MP3: “Factions” – Chris d’Eon

MP3: “The Girl From Koln is Gone” – Chris d’Eon

MP3: “Too Late to Choose” – Chris d’Eon

MP3: “Tonglin” – Chris d’Eon