Christoph Andersson – “Metropolis”

January 24, 2011 by

Decidedly R&B take on his current lead single “Metropol” which has more or less taken the blogosphere by the groin this past week. Christoph is three singles into a four release project which ends with “Getaway” Feb 8th. Stream all the releases.

[Stream] “Metropolis” – Christoph Andersson


Deftjams Foburg Showcase MAR 13

January 23, 2011 by


Freak On.

January 23, 2011 by

Freak house crawling out from the trenches of David Byrne’s subconscious.

MP3: “Turning Tricks” – Hot Natured

MP3: “H.E.A.D.S.” – Hot Natured

A little heavier than the normal Deftjams fare, but Clouds are aces, managing to keep their souped up electro relatively unclassless.

MP3: “Packback” (Clouds remix) – Screendeath

Lions chase the gazelles to the desert. The gazelles escape into the sand knowing the lions will not follow because they can’t survive the conditions. But eventually the gazelles will have to drink. And it is by the watering hole that the lions will wait.

MP3: “Wouh” – Nicolas Jaar

Lastly, an illogical yet nonetheless impressive feat of simultaneous rambling and skilled piano playing by a New Orleans great.

MP3: “Classified” (Live) – James Booker

Good Intentions – A Mix 4 Constance

January 17, 2011 by

NOLA designer Erik Keisewetter runs We Are Constance which brings a little bit of quality control to an eager art world. Erik was kind enough to ask that I contribute to Constance’s monthly mixtape project. Stream the mix below, you can download it on the Constance mixtape page.

“Good Intentions – A Mix 4 Constance” – Dan Helfers [DL Link]

Dimensional Tunes 4 The Ages

December 21, 2010 by

Time to post more tunes from an alternate dimension. Where the steaks cook themselves. Where the chills never set in. I’ve got this feeling this immersion into deep house etc. is about to result in some serious nausea come new years. Until then, enjoy a generous offering of piano stabs, atonal synth and other associated ear candy. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

MP3: “Skatebard Loves You” – Skatebard

MP3: “We Are Water” (Azari & III remix) – Health

MP3: “Hot Beef” (Allez Allez remix) – Worst Case Scenario

MP3: “A.I.P.” (X.L.N.’s Maison Vumbi edit) – Walter Jones

Busting open the doors of perception with Nico Jaar

December 11, 2010 by

How how how how did I miss this release last year. Impossibly young Nicolas Jaar and impossibly younger Soul Keita collaborated on a 3-track EP released via Clown and Sunset. Caveman house might be an appropriate moniker for Jaar and Keita’s collaboritive work, but that would only address one dimension of some clearly well thought out compositions. Dance music in it’s most organic form rather, whisperings of Nick Cave never far away. One final thought, I’m beginning to wonder if Soul Keita is a figment of Jaar’s imagination.

MP3: “Democracy, I Was Thirsty” – Soul Keita and Nicolas Jaar

Mitzi (Australia)

December 10, 2010 by

Are you a fan of Holy Ghost? You probably are, and if so, check out some new tunes from the Mitzi, who conspicuously nip at HG’s heels enough that I won’t even post that one song. Regardless, some catchy tracks with a live disco feel.

“India” (Radio edit) – Mitzi

“Morning Lights” (Radio edit) – Mitzi

Woolfy & Projections – “Neeve” (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Mix)

December 7, 2010 by

Great remix from the team at Permanent Vacation, puts me in the same state of mind as Four Tet’s remix of “Lovesick” from Lindstrom and Christabelle. Subdued percussion living where jungle meets civilization. Brutes creeping out from their encampments to meet their inevitable fate.

Via Max Braun

MP3: “Neeve” (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Mix) – Woolfy & Projections

Innerpartysystem – “American Trash” (Swiss Chriss remix)

December 7, 2010 by

Swiss Chriss just celebrated his 21st birthday in style. Veuve straight from the bottle, starry eyed ladies filling a tiny machine-smoke choked club, later on Chris finds himself $350 out after a rough hand at Blackjack. in the early hours of the morning. All is well though. I didn’t see Chris that night after we got separated before I hit the casino buffet. I filled a second plate, I wasn’t even hungry by that point, just my little attempt to get in a last word against Harrah’s after the general unkindness shown to me by the roulette tables. Living life like it’s supposed to be lived. American Trash, naturally.

MP3: “American Trash” (Swiss Chriss remix) – Innerpartysystem

Jamie Jones – “Summertime” (Jones & James Dub Mix)

December 5, 2010 by

Tech disco? I’ll take it! This on-kilter, minimal little cut benefits from a genius vocal working seamlessly with some reserved stabs, catching your listener off guard without catching your listener off guard, the name of the game.

MP3: “Summertime” (Jones & James Dub Mix) – Jamie Jones