Voodoo Experience 2010


Crookers performs at Le Plur stage on Friday

Voodoo Experience continued in New Orleans this year under glorious conditions. The first noticeable changes were the addition of the Le Plur dance tent and the Jazzfest style concentration of the WWOZ, Preservation Hall, and Bingo Tents. Form follows function in that case and festival pretty much went off without a hitch. Rusko was the first real test for the Le Plur stage, and aside from some strange sound issues at the end of the set managed to give crowd an energetic preview for what they’d see at the tent for the rest of the weekend. Crookers and Hot Chip definitely stole the spotlight later on Friday evening. Crookers also managed to play a high energy afterparty downtown where they memorably dropped Egyptrixx‘s “Battle for North America”.

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer on the mainstage Friday evening

Saturday began with Deftjams and TKVR friends Electrocity on Le Plur. The dudes brought some killer video accompaniment from their party in Memphis. Seriously if you ever happen to spend a weekend their, check out Electrocity, Credick or Debit(still occuring? Can’t find FB page!!), or their new film-themed night Tech Noir, there’s really nothing else do in Memphis besides party, and these dudes have it down to a science. Boys Noize and Die Antwoord followed on Le Plur. Boys Noize was tight as expected, but Die Antwoord brought my most anticipated performance of the festival. The South African ‘Zef‘ rappers pulled out all the punches from their borderline viral videos, the outfits would have outshined the performance had it not been for the group’s infamous attention to detail. For a group that’s only on their first proper US tour, their lyrically delivery and stage presence were unnaturally tight. Do not miss their performance if you ever have the chance.

Yolandi of Die Antwoord at Le Plur on Saturday

TKVR alums Swiss Chriss and Christoph Andersson opened Le Plur on Sunday after performing at the Boys Noize afterparty only a few hours before. Swiss Chriss threw down a mostly original set, and Christoph switched it up with a heavily hip hop influenced set to warm up the early crowd. Unbelievably I missed Afrojack for which I have no excuse. Sunday evening brought MGMT‘s performance on the mainstage, as of late I’ve been appreciating their latest album more and more, and I was interested to see what they could do live. I wasn’t prepared for such a tightly crafted psychedelic set. For all the flack that group gets, they’re doing something different and that’s more than 90% of artists out there, and that’s something that New Orleans appreciates. Deadmau5 closed out my Voodoo 2010, and as expected the crowd stretched back farther than most of the mainstage acts from the weekend.

2011 I can’t wait. Some of the trance and techno at the dance tent really didn’t translate to many of the more mainstream and younger fans which makes me hope for bolder and more forward thinking Le Plur lineup for next year. Congratulations to Voodoo for what seemed to be a healthy turnout and tight ship of a festival who carries the burden of impressing a city that carries a wider ranger of music fans than most entire states.


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