Various Artists – “Let it Happen”


I wanted to take a second to highlight a terrific site, Oh Heavenly Dog and its moderator Richard Danger posts multiple new mixes weekly, usually with a mix of disco, re-edits, psychedelic and classic rock and other unique material. This past week he posted his ‘Equinox‘ mix which included a terrific remix of Vangelis’ “Let it Happen”. After a little googling I found that the Vangelis is the man responsible for both the Chariots of Fire and Bladerunner soundtracks. “Let it Happen” has also been covered successfully by a couple artists including Lindstrom and Christabelle. A little laid back, I’d be shaking my head if you danced to it, but this is head nodding material at its best.

MP3: “Let it Happen” – Vangelis

MP3: “Let it Happen” – Lindstrom and Christabelle

MP3: “Let it Happen” (Beatfanatic’s Balearic Boogie remix) – Vangelis


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One Response to “Various Artists – “Let it Happen””

  1. chevy1chaser Says:

    thanks for the props man! nice blog you got here:)

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