Brotherhood – Gay Disco Compilation


More visionary sci-fi art from Chris Foss

I just received my Brotherhood Compilation from HNYSNDSYSTM in the mail a couple weeks ago. Included in the handmade box was the CD, along with fabric samples, flyers, and some other totally random, completely excellent tangible items. Huge thumbs up to San Fransisco based HNYSNDSYSTM for putting out an great gay disco comp bursting with dark, danceable rhythms and jungle soundbytes. The compilation is only $6.50 plus shipping(grand total of $10.00 for me). PURCHASE BROTHERHOOD.

MP3: “Search For The Mountaintop” – Mandy Warhol

MP3: “Lost in Music” – Gay Marvine

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One Response to “Brotherhood – Gay Disco Compilation”

  1. Honey Soundsystem Says:

    Hey Deft Jams!

    Thanks for the thumbs up. Please let your readers know that there is a “club hits” digital EP now available from Neu-Disco legend Maelstrom’s label Solar Disco.

    Purchase / Download Here:

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