DJ MIX Superpost #3


10 days of shitty internet connection has prevented me from uploading the 3rd installment of the DJ Mix Superpost. Here it is finally, 5+ hours of tunes from a couple of the DJ’s and producers that I’ve been jamming to lately. Little classic rock, little new disco, little big of electro and hip hop plus a very special New Orleans bounce mix from Deejay Karo. There’s also a tour only mix from Caribou that I picked up at the Spanish Moon show a couple weeks ago. Let’s do it!

MP3: “World Turning Mix for The Dog” – Browning PI via Oh Heavenly Dog

MP3: “All Hands On Deck Mix” – Jacuzzi Club via Mad Decent

MP3: “Round 2 Mix” – Rick Rude – via Rick Rude

MP3: “Tour Only Mix Spring 2010” – Caribou

MP3: “Summer Mix 2010” – Tensnake via Tensnake

MP3: “Jamaica Mixtape II” – Jamaica via Mad Decent

MP3: “Disaster Prone Mix” – Deejay Karo via Maddie Ruthless

MP3: “Summer 2010 Promo Mix” – Team Jaguar via Penned Madness


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