Caribou Spring 2010 Tour EP + Photos


Caribou just rolled through Baton Rouge‘s Spanish Moon last night and Max, James and myself made the trip up. I made on offer on this tour for New Orleans and will forever regret lowballing and losing the show. Toro y Moi opened up with a drummer and bassist, such an improvement over the I Guess I’m Floating showcase at SXSW when he played solo. The live setup was obviously well rehearsed, and Chaz’ vocals were on. By the time Caribou started, the crowd was probably hovering around 300 awkward, slightly drunk Baton Rouge hipsters, all dancing to their own beat(although regrettably not by choice it seemed…) Caribou exceeded expectations, and I was excited to see them reproduce pretty much every memorable sound from the recordings live.

Highlights of the evening
*Tour only EPs from Caribou and Toro y Moi(MP3’s BELOW)
*Met a german girl who works for Richard Ford‘s publisher there, which was cool b/c I’m reading The Sportswriter right now
*Toro live band!
*Caribou’s essentially perfect show

View all the PHOTOS

MP3: “Sea Rea” – Caribou

MP3: “The Dauphin” – Caribou

MP3: “Pitchers” – Toro Y Moi

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