Skatt Bros – “Walk the Night”


Rumbling down a dangerously narrow one-way street late one night, I convince myself the car is compelled through Uptown by some unseen force before realizing Shane is driving. Maybe I’ve been buying into the self-fulfilling prophecy a little too much lately; safety and success are not to be confused. Lanky old men wander through the blocks, silently checking door handles and leaving only a trail of illuminated dome lights behind them. We turn a corner onto a dimly lit street and I briefly make eye contact with one lone stranger. He glares back but doesn’t change his gait. No fear, no apologies, just misguided determination. Sensing the dangerous combination, we tensely ride past. I haven’t wasted too much thought over that night, but I do sometimes wonder where the strangers with no particular destination end up at the end of the night.

MP3: “Walk the Night” – Skatt Bros


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2 Responses to “Skatt Bros – “Walk the Night””

  1. Gavin Says:

    Can anybody here help me find a track called living the dream by the e.c twins?? So far i can only find a youtube link.

    Somebody told me to check out this site as you guys and your followers are the best

  2. Disko Obscura Mix + Slashdance « Deftjams Says:

    […] turnout, plus a ridiculous set of obscure disco, 90% new to me except for Skatt Bros‘ ‘Walk the Night’ and 6th Borough Project‘s ‘Do It To The Max’(a remake of Xavier’s track by […]

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