When Soul-Glo was King


Prince was certainly the king of funky 80’s soul, but there were a number of artists, both associated with Prince and independent of him nipping at his heels. While none of them even approached Prince’s lasting power, let’s give a little credit to a couple of the performers that tried so desperately to rip him off and the misguided singles they produced.

MP3: “I’m Not Gonna Let You”(12” extended version) – Colonel Abrams

MP3: “You’re The One For Me”(Labor of Love mix) – D Train


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3 Responses to “When Soul-Glo was King”

  1. Chaka Nawe Says:

    Get your timeline and history right, man.

    D-Train’s “You’re The One For Me” was released in 1981, and was a #1 Billboard Club single. Where you got the notion they were
    “trying to copy Prince” is kind of laughable.

    Prince didn’t really break through until “1999”, a year later in 1982

  2. OttO Orellana Says:

    D Train – indeed

    Do you like Chemis – She can’t love ya?

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