Introducing Jean-Eric


Jean-Eric performs 3/15/10 @ Howlin’ Wolf w/ Lemonade

In New Orleans, lowering your standards is a way of life. To say that second rate is standard fare is appropriate only if you can take that as positive connotation about the culture. DNO Records signees Jean-Eric long ago dismissed the need for shiny, east coast production, in favor of a more stripped down, rewarding style, more in tune with the essence of the city, light on the synth, but heavy on the overly earnest boy-girl chanted vocals and punchy drumbeats. No auto-tune here, just strong vocals made perfect by the imperfection. Jean-Eric’s clothing optional live show is a must see(READ: infectious dancing, super-parties). The group just recorded a new music video which should be up shortly. You can also check them out all across the US on their summer tour or in New Orleans May 1st @ The Saint(DJ set), May 22nd @ Howlin’ Wolf for the Of Montreal afterparty, and May 26th at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

“Better than Good” music video

“Bull in a China Shop” live @ The Saint

MP3: “Bull in a China Shop” – Jean-Eric

MP3: “Real World” – Jean-Eric

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One Response to “Introducing Jean-Eric”

  1. mandy Says:

    this is the best band in all of louisiana. and maybe the whole world!!

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