California Swag District “Teach Me How To Dougie”


1AM office hours for ET

New Orleans breaks down to a pie chart. 25% off the bat is alcohol. A healthy 12% goes to the tourists on Bourbon. Live music venues earn a respectable 15% Tulane actually accounts for a negative 3%(while WTUL grabs 2% bringing the cumulative total to -1%). Live sports 10%(9.5% Saints .25% Hornets .25% Zephyrs). Fine uptown living certainly takes another 8%. 10% to Mardi Gras of course. The gutter punks east of the French Quarter are hoarding close to 4% themselves.

Then lets talk about the undeniable 5% that belongs to sweaty, ass shaking rap radio. Within rap radio here, Lil Wayne takes up almost 50% of the airtime, but regional rap and smaller local artists take up a significant portion too. You can see it in the vibrating trunks of the late model Pontiac sedans rolling down Clairborne Ave each sunday in a line, their hoods painstakingly airbrushed with images of assorted candy company logos.

So that leaves us at 88%. That’s a B+, pretty solid for NOLA.

*not even from NOLA, but heard on our rap radio
MP3: “Teach Me How to Dougie” – California Swag District


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