Jazzfest New Orleans


Drunken iPhone photo from inside Tip’s the other night at Galactic

Jazzfest, aka Mardi Gras II, is in full effect here in New Orleans up through next weekend. Here’s a little rundown from last night; headed out around midnight to some college bars, the jocks were out in force being drunk. Shane and I managed to catch the tail end of a fight at The Palms, our local Miami themed cocaine bar. By 1am Broadway was overrun by testosterone and alcohol infused students wandering in and out of traffic, yelling inappropriate comments at cars stopped at stoplights. We took a quick pitstop back at Shane’s, caught a little bit of “The Endless Summer II“, then headed back out to Snake and Jake’s. We must have hit Snake’s at around 3am, and the bar only got more crowded until we left around 5am for Tipitina’s. On the way, a drunken duo waved us down at a stoplight and asked for directions to Prytania St. In true Dave Chappelle fashion, we let them know they were on Prytania. Immediately upon arriving at Tipitina’s, a drunken man wandered out in front of my car, who turned out to be a certain Louisiana politician who will go unnamed. I will say that we gave him a ride home and he gave me $10.

Another successful night out in NOLA. Here’s a couple songs I managed to Shazam last night.
MP3: “Time Has Come Today” – The Chambers Brothers

MP3: “Golden Age” – TV On the Radio

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