NOLA Bounce combo post


Dancers at Sissy Nobby, Katey Redd and Big Freedia performace @Voodoo Fest 2009

Here’s a couple NOLA BOUNCE tracks I’ve had on repeat lately. Aggressively repetitive beats and sample heavy 808 beats. No party in New Orleans is complete without its fair share of uncleared booty shaking samples. Nola bounce seems to be on the up lately, with a Sissy Nobby remix EP that includes remixes by L-Vis 1990 and DJ Sega as well is a pretty large bounce presence at SXSW this year. Nola bounce’s place in New Orleans culture is revered. This point was driven home when I saw both sides of St. Charles avenue at a standstill, girls booty shaking on top of the hoods of cars, Monkey on a Stick blaring from a car parked at Daquiri Palace Cafe at approximately 1pm during late August 2005, merely days after moving to the city. Shane will attest, this really happened. Thanks to my buddies Chistoph and Chris and to Cocaine Blunts.

MP3: “Drag Rap” – Show Boys – basis for most bounce samples

MP3: “Where They At” – DJ Jimi

MP3: “Eat the Cat” – Ju’C

MP3: “Get the Gat”(Gemix) – Lil’ Elt and DJ Tee

MP3: “Azz Everywhere” – Big Freedia

MP3: “Blocka Blocka” – Gotty Boy Chris

MP3: “Break a Hoe/Get Giggy Wit It” – Katey Redd

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One Response to “NOLA Bounce combo post”

  1. maddieruthless Says:

    YO! Dan check this out, my roommate just made the tape of the century.

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