Chillwave Revelations cont’d


Strange things happen when disco and pop start exploring their psychedelic side. The music gives into a collective mood where if you stay cool, no one gets hurt. This is life just outside your comfort zone. via ISO 50

MP3: “To The Bridge” – Giorgio Moroder

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2 Responses to “Chillwave Revelations cont’d”

  1. I remember this Says:

    Less Than Zero trailer:

  2. The Samps – “F.X.N.C.” « Deftjams Says:

    […] Giorgio Moroder meets Neon Indian on this throwback downbeat throwback jam from Ariel Pink bandmates’ side project The Samps. All over America, people are up to no good, and The Samps are writing the soundtrack to the dirtiest deeds, the mischievous behavior. They’re writing for the sneakers, the creepers, but mostly for the lurkers of this great country who silently, and thanklessly peek inside of your window when you aren’t expecting it. They hide under steaming sewer grates waiting for you to walk over, and The Samps are down there with them, diligently taking notes on a wildly underrepresented psyche. Morality aside, The Samps’ muse is if anything, effective. […]

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