DEFTJAMS 6: Temple Triangle


Fingers are crossed right now that this is the last Deftjams mix cd before my minimal skill on the turntables earns me a mix with a modicum of listenability. Until then, I present TEMPLE TRIANGLE, conveniently packaged in .zip form. All the previous Deftjams mixes will also be zipped and available very soon. Enjoy an hour of NEW DISCO, CHILLWAVE, ELECTRO, and a couple New Orleans favorites. If you are out of state and still would like the mix cds in physical form, send me a compelling reason with your address and I’ll mail some out with sweet marker art. DOWNLOAD THE MIX CD HERE

1. Big Freedia – “Rock Around the Clock”
2. The Subs – “Mistubitchi”
3. Beautiful Swimmers – “Swimmers Groove”
4. Nicolas Jaar – “Time for Us”
5. Toro y Moi – “Low Shoulder”
6. Harold Faltermeyer – “Fletch Theme”
7. Mirror People – “Echo Life”
8. Pantha Du Prince – “Sach Mal Baum”
9. Hudson Mohawke – “Polkadot Blues”
10. Soulwax – “Another Excuse”(DFA remix)
11. 6th Borough Project – “Do It To The Max”
12. Party Bros. – “Power”
13. Isle of Crete – “Post Funk”
14. Supermax – “African Blood”


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