Mardi Gras Update!


Party til you puke!

Mardi Gras New Orleans is in full swing, and I couldn’t be more confused and disoriented! There’s a bunch of friendly strangers intermittently fast asleep in my living room(including an Italian who loves Crookers!), and my roommates appear to be locked into some sort of bead and alcohol coma, their legs weary from walking miles of parade route weighed down with countless gloriously shiny strands of beads. It’s as if for one week every year, New Orleans gives a free pass to its residents and tourists to dress like a last minute halloween mashup of Siegfried ‘n’ Roy and Elton John and forget their responsibility to remember their responsibilities.

Wednesday pretty much kicked things off for me. Mickey Factz show with Aquaforce and Lyriqs at Ampersand was a little thin crowd-wise, but I got to meet a bunch of peeps, and even a Deftjams fan! Great vibe, and MOS DEF rolled up and chilled for most of show, which had me feeling pretty Hollywood.

Midnight Conspiracy

Swiss Chriss

On Thursday, the homies Midnight Conspiracy came into town for a show with Swiss Chriss and DS@STR on Republic‘s LEGIT Thursday. There must have been something in the water(or the free vodka) because everyone up in Republic was flyin’ high! DS@STR had the set of his career, Swiss Chriss killed it and I’ve really gotta hand it to Midnight Conspiracy, they set a new standard for goin’ ham in the booth. THE REAL WORLD: New Orleans cast showed up and partied for the whole evening. On one hand, I’ve got some sympathy for them, as they are drug tested and so basically screwed into getting hammered on camera any time they want to party. On the other hand I’m sure they’re all getting a lot of booty, so they probably aren’t complaining. Big ups to KGB for throwing an awesome party. Speaking of BIG UPS…



A very red green room

Starkey came in for a show at One Eyed Jack’s in the heart of the French Quarter last night(Friday). DS@STR managed to get his STARKEY “A Millie” remix signed by with a sick “Big Ups” personalization. The parades uptown went super late and that combined with the parking situation kept a ton of peeps out of the quarter, which was a bummer, but DS@STR for the second night in a row threw down a super solid, hour and a half mix. UPRISE came in from Atlanta and pretty much blew away any DJ/DRUMMER combo I’ve seen. Super sweet dudes and their homie Julie from a venue which I can’t quite remember the name of in Five Points was a seriously down to earth chick. Remember what I said about Midnight Conspiracy goin’ ham in the booth? Forget what I said, because Starkey is a MADMAN! Honest to god he must have burned at leask 2k calories during the set. Thanks to Reeves for putting on a very chill, very heavy show.

UPDATE: I wrote this last part yesterday, and things got even crazier last night. Diplo dropped a retarded set down at The Saint, which doubles as both the hippest and and sketchiest bar in New Orleans. Seriously, the man’s set is untouchable. Unfortunately I was too wasted to even snap a camera phone picture of the whole event so if any of you have any visual proof of this spectacle, please share it with me!


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