“Mitsubitchi” – The Subs


Don’t you love it when the DJ drops a banger you’ve never heard before and the crowd immediately goes nuts. Maybe for the rest of the country, the thrill has worn off. You’re cities are getting saturated with electro parties and for every new DJ or producer that shows up on the scene, there’s another talking head intent on nitpicking their look, DJ technique, or some other aspect of the culture that really has zero impact on the quality of the party.

When Swiss Chriss dropped The Subs’ “Mitsubichi” at Electronic Takeover this Saturday, there was no one talking in hushed tones in the back of the room, only sweaty throngs of dancers shoved up against the DJ table going harder than they ever had before, and for good reason; void of pretension-filled consciousness, da brain makes space for a beat-centered mindset. Synth highs fly by and circle back in flocks of light speed gunfire miles above a trance-inducing bassline that half-marches and skips through the track. Welcome to the party. All are invited.

MP3: “Mistubitchi” – The Subs

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