Isle of Crete – Barely Floating in Sub-Sin City


Let us speak on New Orleans. Within a fragmented infrastructure, talent struggles to keep from falling through chasms where artistic points of view fail to connect meaningfully, and while a series of dead ends frustrates the masses, the truly committed artists find themselves having to look inward. Released from any pressure to conform, these musicians can focus on the selfless pursuit of true creativity. That’s the beauty of the creative isolation small markets provide.

Enter Isle of Crete, reminding me that this form of creative development can be sustainable, quietly dropping a handful of surprising electro mini-bangers right under the feet of an unsuspecting New Orleans music scene. Imagine if Jan Hammer loosened up just a bit, experienced life outside of Miami and saw the world. Where The Buttons put out a rigid and determined brand of New Orleans electro, Isle of Crete finds themselves cast off into indecisiveness, more fluid than solid, but still managing to come off clean and catchy.

MP3: “Station M” – Isle of Crete

MP3: “Post Funk” – Isle of Crete


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