Lil Wayne and G-Eazy photo review


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Oakland/New Orleans rapper G-Eazy had a chance to support Lil Wayne and Young Money on 3 dates of his farewell(before prison) tour in Lafayette, Little Rock and Memphis. I managed to catch the Lafayette and Memphis shows and shoot some photos while there. Big ups to my buddy Juice for the hookup. I saw Lil Wayne about a year and a half ago at Voodoo Fest 2008, and while the show wasn’t up to par with most festival acts, Wayne brought the party which more than made up for his technical difficulty riddled performance.

I got to Lafayette just in time for G-Eazy’s performance to a restless but ultimately receptive crowd. By the end of the 10 minute set, G had most of the audience nodding their heads and raising their cups for “Drinks Up“. Wayne killed it in both Lafayette and Memphis. The live band was on point, but it was Wayne’s spot on vocal execution and larger and than life stage presence that made the show. If you are a rapper and think that you are too cool for choreography, then you need to watch Wayne on stage. At first it didn’t look choreographed, but in an instant Wayne, Birdman and all of Young Money moved in unison on stage. The highlight of the two shows was unquestionably the end of G-Eazy’s Memphis set when G had the whole arena participating in a call and response of “fuck this shit cause my life is a party”. View videos from DJ Coolhand of all 3 dates here.

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