DJ Mix Super Post


I can only attribute it to these abrupt changes in humidity and elevation; my attention span seems to be lengthening, at least enough to be getting into long DJ mixes lately. Winter break took me to Denver and the surrounding mountains for sleepless nights and mornings filled with flashes of memories or dreams or both mixed together seamlessly. All that’s left is a chill that won’t leave and the soundtrack to one very real trip.

Be patient when streaming, the files take a while to load/buffer

MP3: “The Cloudsurfing Mix” – Opti (via Airflex Labs)

MP3: “Pre Party Jams 75” – Crookers (via Nicky Digital)

MP3: “Pleasure Together Mix” – A.Zabriskie (via Disco Workout)

MP3: “Let’s Go Swimming Podcast(11.7.09)” – Matt Sweaters (via Cream Team twitter)

MP3: “CLAE presents Beautiful Music 4 Beautiful People” – Dam Funk (via Forkcast)

MP3: “Mishka Presents Keep Watch Volume XIV” – Jack Beats (via Electronic Takeover)

MP3: “Pre-Party Jams 67” – Kap10Kurt (via Nicky Digital)

MP3: “Oh Gosh Promo Mix 2010” – Kalbata (via Mad Decent)


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2 Responses to “DJ Mix Super Post”

  1. It’s a Fine Line – “Grease” « Says:

    […] in A.Zabriskie’s “Pleasure Together” mix, a song drops that defies general electro convention and has bothered me lately as I […]

  2. DJ MIX SUPER POST #2 « Deftjams Says:

    […] Not much to say about this really. These are the mixes I’ve been getting down to lately. Little bit of funk, little bit of new disco, some electro, dubstep, chillwave, and psychedelic rock. Also, make sure and check out the DJ MIX SUPER POST #1. […]

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