Sissy Nobby – Lay Me Down remixes


Sissy Dancers cooling down during Sissy Nobby’s 2009 Voodoo Fest performance

The hardest working performer in New Orleans doesn’t let social norms related to profanity stop him from releasing some of the dirtiest booty shaking beats in the South. The profanity level in “Lay Me Down” takes graphic content to new heights, but Sissy Nobby is no gimmick. Nobby’s breathy voice lends itself perfectly to his deep south dialect, and his new EP with remixes by L-Vis and DJ Sega among others should go a long way in breaking him nationally. The live show is otherworldly. We’re talking wave after wave of sweaty booty shaking sissy dancers humping the floor, along with any other surface they can manage to get an angle on. Don’t ever miss a Sissy Nobby show if you get the chance.

MP3: “Lay Me Down”(DJ Sega remix) – Sissy Nobby

MP3: “Lay Me Down”(Bitch Ass Darius remix) – Sissy Nobby

MP3: “Lay Me Down”(L-Vis 1990 remix) – Sissy Nobby


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