Savage House


Just enough time for a short post today. Family dinner in a bit and I couldn’t be less in the Christmas spirit. I know summer 2009 is four months past, but I just cant seem to get over these heat-themed throwback Miami Vice jams. D/A/D associates Savage House just released their pay-what-you-want(as long as it is more than $2) EP, which I found through Milano, Italy based Rosso Corsa records, and where D/A/D aims to recreate the best of Jan Hammer, Savage House rolls up the sleeves on their white sportcoat and gets a little dirtier.

MP3: “The Hunger” – Savage House

MP3: “Gotcha!” – Savage House

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One Response to “Savage House”

  1. Michael Says:

    This is incorrect information!
    Thank you for the press but…
    savage house are good friends of ours but….have not been signed to the label yet!!
    once again thanks you for the press…
    If u have any questions about the label or the artists/racers feel free to ask me personally
    Michael AKA ActRaiser

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