John Carpenter Can Do No Wrong


While Jan Hammer was orchestrating south Florida themed synth jams for Miami Vice, John Carpenter was working on something much more ominous. Carpenter definitely had his work set out for him. When was the last time Don Johnson had explosive capsules placed in his major arteries, set to explode if he didn’t save the president from a walled in prison fortress within 24 hours? That’s Jack Bauer shit, and 25 years earlier. Was the term “riveting” coined to describe Escape From New York? Aside from the movie, the tracks hold their own. Carpenter wrote with horror movie suspense, except it wasn’t horror, so you didn’t know what was coming next, which makes the soundtrack even more compelling. The track “69th Street Bridge” sounds strangely contemporary. “The Duke Arrives/Barricade” is definitely worth checking out the whole track. Per the title, John Carpenter is also the name of my excellent high school college counselor.

MP3: “Escape from New York Main Title” – John Carpenter

MP3: “The Bank Robbery” – John Carpenter

MP3: “Arrival At The Library” – John Carpenter

MP3: “The Duke Arrives/Barricade” – John Carpenter

MP3: “The President Is Gone” – John Carpenter

MP3: “69th Street Bridge” – John Carpenter


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