Cheryl Lynn and Funk Relevancy


In the caste of musical society, Funk has generally been relegated to a position somewhere between court jester and piss boy. Any mention of the genre brings about imagery of puke green fabric and baby boomers born just a bit too late, misguided and jerky, living a proto-party in blissful ignorance. Luckily Prince served as a guiding light that helped guide some forward thinking Funk artists towards relevancy. Cheryl Lynn undoubtedly benefited from the influence. Lynn is undoubtedly a talented singer, but the subterranean baseline sets this track off. Bring out your pointy-shouldered coats, let’s shuffle! Lastly, in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I found this song by Shazaming it at Subway.

MP3: “Encore” – Cheryl Lynn


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