Lemonade and minute living


I’d call Lemonade sun soaked, except that somewhere along the way to the beach they met a euro-junkie clubrat who introduced them to a world of addiction. They lived and died in a minute in a world of abandon, free of consequence. Like the financial system, their reckless lifestyle came at the expense of an unbearable load. And while we hate the banks because we can’t let them fail, Lemonade succeeds because they trade futility for finality. Their tracks live the lifestyle knowing full well there are no second chances. They cut all ties, destroy their own burden, and live on their own terms.

MP3: “Blissout” – Lemonade

MP3: “Sunchips” – Lemonade

MP3: “Real Slime”(Lazer Sword remix) – Lemonade

MP3: “Real Slime”(Stay High remix) – Lemonade


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  1. MNDR « Says:

    […] but you can’t hate on goals. Check out MNDR in New Orleans @Howlin Wolf(The Den) 3/16 with Lemonade and These are Powers on the Deftjams Pre-SXSW mini […]

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