Swiss Chriss/Aquaforce/DS@STR/G-EAZY 12/5/09


Malachi – Aquaforce

Swiss Chriss

Malachi – Aquaforce

Swiss Chriss


Future – Aquaforce




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What do I remember from December 5th? Bits and pieces. Flashing lights. Shots. Blunts. Bass. Pretty standard fare for a Saturday here I guess. Luckily I’ve got the photos to jog my memory. I made it to Frat House Uptown first for Swiss Chriss/Aquaforce/DS@STR set. Good crowd, everyone was having fun. DS@STR set the mood: fucking grimy. Aquaforce’s stage presence was undeniable, and their flow was tight despite their energy.

I left for Cafe Prytania during Swiss Chriss and managed to catch Power 102.9’s Mike Swift introducing G-Eazy. They shut that shit down. Shit, was shut down. Shut->DOWN. Shit. G’s flow was on point and the backing tracks sounded beast in the mix. Franco‘s onstage guitar cameo was short but sweet. Everybody in the building was fucked up, and there was a visible cloud of weed smoke wafting along the ceiling tiles. I remember some things. I remember opening my tab. I do not remember closing my tab. At either club… Tight sets from all parties involved.

12/5/09 was a turning point not just for music, but for attitudes. Things are changing, and people are learning how to party again. 2010 is the year.

BTW check out “Wolves” from Aquaforce’s upcoming “The Burgundy Mixtape”.

MP3: “Wolves” feat. Emalkay – Aquaforce

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