Big Country – “Look Away”


My flannel clad roommate just finished commenting on the astonishment his father showed upon hearing I had just started listening to Big Country. I envy his dad on many levels. He and his son share an unwavering passion for fine hot dogs and well-cooked hamburgers, as well as the accompanying apparel. The roommate’s dad also spent the majority of the 80’s soaking up only the finest in pop and new wave. He’s got a full ten years of pop culture knowledge my dad missed out on while doing the ‘having kids’ thing. Some called Big Country the next U2 before the groups’ splintering and eventual implosion thanks in no small part to late singer Stuart Adamson‘s chronic alcoholism. “In a Big Country” was their hit. “Look Away” is their classic, big and bold, and that strange sense of the purpose with no direction that plagued most pop hits(and humanitarian causes) throughout the decade.

MP3: “Look Away” – Big Country


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