.Zip Law


My friends are nice enough as it is, but my buddy Graham T went above and beyond the call of duty this past week when he sent me a .zip full of songs I’d never heard. He pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as my current musical tastes go: Loggins > Beatles. This does seem to help explain my affinity for movies like Waterworld and Escape from New York, and Keith Haring’s big, bold imagery. Boldness pervades my sensibilities, obscuring any shortfalls in favor of each respective media’s biggest, sleekest qualities.

But when did this become about me. Check out a couple of the songs, and someone please tell my why that faux harp on the Ray Lynch song sounds so familiar.

MP3: “Celestial Soda Pop” – Ray Lynch

MP3: “Zenophile” – Mylo

MP3: “Remembering You” – I Am the Cosmos


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