Say Anything/Eisley 11/15 review


Say Anything

Say Anything

Say Anything

Say Anything(I love this pic)



Guest review via Peter Finelli

Music is all over the map these days. And as different genres of music progress into more and more obscure subsets, the audiences of each specific genre get more and more polarized as to what they will and will not listen to. The most disparate of these genres is the punk-emo/indie rock scene. (Did I just write emo?) What I am saying is you will either see Fall Out Boy or Minus The Bear. You either have a Head Automatica ringtone, or Band of Horses on vinyl. Never the 2 shall meet.

The exception to the rule was the Say Anything/Eisley show last Sunday, 11/15 at Republic. It was a night of both soft singing and angst filled screams, reverb soaked guitars, and raging backbeats in excess of 120 bpm. And you know what? It was awesome.

Anyone that came late for Say Anything missed a hell of a show by Texas quintet Eisley. In just under 43 minutes, the group managed to pack a whole album’s worth of their sweet, pacifying lullabies, never once seeming rushed. Stacy DuPree started singing the chorus to “Ambulance”, and somewhere else in America, Feist had an identity crisis. It was a spectacle if nothing.

Speaking of spectacles, holy shit can Say Anything keep a chant going! Band frontman Max Bemis had the crowd so engaged from song one, it was hard to tell whether it was his voice on the PA or the backup mics picking up the front row. If you left after Eisley because you just have not been into concert sing-alongs since Jake Seymore broke your heart at the Dashboard show in high school, that’s cool. But you also missed a great live band that incorporates so many drum loops and synth patches into their performance, I wondered if the roots left their gear behind from the week prior. Memorable dance jams performed were: “Shiksa”, “Wow I Can Get Sexual Too”, “Baby Girl I’m a Blur” and “Yellow Cat Red Cat”. Somewhere amid the tongue and cheek song references about rough sex and The King’s of Leon, Max stopped to thank the crowd for their support. They left the stage, but not before an encore acoustic performance of “Crush’d” and “A Walk Through Hell”.

This night hearkened back to a day when you could see a band like Bright Eyes open up for a band like Thursday(yes it did happen son). In the least, it was two great bands playing very well. At most, it was an event to bridge the gap between indie and emo bands rooted in nothing more than good songs and happy sweaty crowds. And flannels…

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One Response to “Say Anything/Eisley 11/15 review”

  1. mattytothemo Says:

    Yeah I gotta say. The best band on that tour is Moving Mountains. Check out both their albums. I worked at the venue they played when they rolled through michigan. Eisley was kinda week. (but hot!) and say anything is for the kids.
    I do agree with you about the different sounds on that ticket. Everyone had fun when i saw them and that’s really all that matters.
    But seriously, check out Moving Mountains.

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