Syntaks’ “Minstral Moon” has your back


Alex Helfers, a frequent DEFTJAMS memory

Lately I can’t seem to get enough of these throwback synth tunes. First was D/A/D‘s Miami Vice inspired “Super Motives” EP. Syntaks‘ “Minstral Moon” travels back through a series of otherwise mundane memories. August 1991 I saw Terminator 2 at the Cherry Bowl drive-in theatre in Beulah, Michigan with my family. One year later on the rise in my backyard in St. Louis, my oldest brother would tell me that America’s entered World War II 50 years ago. The countless trips down into the neighborhood creek left an undeniable impression on me. Imagination and memory spill over into each other during summer storms that swell the creek past its banks. Did I really see that dinosaur footprint? I remember seeing it but I really can’t be sure. Recently my mom let me know how surprised she was that I have absolutely no memory of my parents ever arguing as a child. Did my parents make an extra effort to shield me, or did my idealistic view of them simply fill my entire impression? It’s strange but every one of these memories queues up perfectly with “Minstral Moon.” Check it out via Disco Workout.

MP3: “Minstral Moon”(Illuminated Version) – Syntaks

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