Today in Chill


Last night turned out to be an especially lucrative night in gold-panning for talent. In a couple hours I managed to add an hour and half of music to my iTunes and spend some cash on some well-deserving artists. This is putting my DEFTJAMS playlist up past the 12 hour mark. At 24 four hours, I will release the whole thing as one 24 hour long mix for download on here.

D/A/D would make Jan Hammer jealous. Comprised of a single Northwestern University student, D/A/D’s “Super Motives” is pulled straight out of Miami Vice. Cheesy? A little. Dated? Certainly. And yet that hasn’t kept this EP from playing on repeat for the better part of the afternoon. Don’t miss out on D/A/D’s jock jam transformation of Yelle‘s “Ce Jeu” at the end of the EP. (Via The Tape is Not Sticky)

MP3: “Miami Thunder” – D/A/D

MP3: “Ce Jeu”(D/A/D Remix) – Yelle


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2 Responses to “Today in Chill”

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    […] seem to get enough of these throwback synth tunes. First was D/A/D’s Miami Vice inspired “Super Motives” EP. Syntaks‘ “Minstral Moon” travels back through a series of otherwise mundane […]

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    […] other day, after I posted D/A/D’s Miami Vice inspired synth jams, I received a message from my excellent friend Graham up in St. Louis(or New York, or Canada, never […]

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