Machu Picchu “Float” LP


I spent yesterday in disbelief that it took me two days to find the new Machu Picchu LP “Float” in my myspace inbox. Daytrotter artist and loop fiend Sina Sohrab aka Machu Picchu just put up the album for free download. It features a couple songs I’d already posted, including excellent Local Natives and Fleet Foxes remixes as well as several new sample based tracks and remixes. The record begins with a serene Mayer Hawthorne acappella sample and MP’s signature latent drumbeats working their way slowly to the forefront of the record in “Elevator.” The LP’s second track “Float” features crunchy lows that strain with each beat before being pulled back into momentary silence, and a spacey, but restrained melody floating somewhere under the radar of the song’s beat. “Seven Am” comes on to the stereo like a guilt laden morning after that dissolves from ambiguous M83 vocal sample into a totally unexpected derty-as-hell tribal beat. This track is quite a standout.

Sina took a minute to share a little about his creative process. “I’ve…become really interested in speech patterns and tribal drumming. “Seven AM” is probably the best example of that. Working with samples and loops has put me in a really interesting place because I’ve realized I have a higher capacity for listening to loops for extended amounts of time than most people, so that’s really the reasoning behind the short run times- most of the songs were cut from like 15-20 minutes extended mixes which I’m working on boiling down to finished extended mixes. Personally, I like Float the best because it was the product of a really unsettled and restless couple of days and I think the sweeping nature of it speaks to how badly I wanted to slow things down and maybe reflect.”

Download the album free here

MP3: “Elevator” – Machu Picchu

MP3: “Seven AM” – Machu Picchu

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