Pretty Lights wrap up


Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Alex B

Alex B

Alex B

Pretty Lights

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The sold out Pretty Lights show last night went pretty far in establishing that electro music is about to break bigger than it has ever been(at least in smaller markets). When was the last time a DJ/Producer sold out House of Blues? Also, consider that the crowd was conservatively 80% Tulane students, who are hipper than Loyola students by design, perhaps in part because of their worldliness(whereas Loyola is 50% local). And while you may be completely out of touch with reality, Tulane, I can’t hate because your females’ rears are much tighter than ours.

But seriously, much respect and common decency to each and every Pretty Lights fan in attendance last night!

I got in right after the show started, and Boulderonian Alex B already had the crowd in packed in the pit writhing away to some A-game live production. There wasn’t anything about Alex B that said ‘opener’ to me. He’s got a bright future, and what a fuckin’ nice guy!

Pretty Lights performed with a live drummer which absolutely worked. The transitions were even more flawless because of it, and beats hit that much harder. Pretty Lights Derrick’s facial expressions were oddly reminiscent of Biz Markie. By the time Pretty Lights went on, the crowd was stirred into a sweaty drunk mess, slipping off of each other clumsily, each movement slowly straying farther from the beat to which it should have been attached. The combination drummer and led lightshow got the crowd immediately bouncing harder than they had all night. This may just be the worst job I’ve done describing a live show, so stop listening to me and check out the photos.

Is it strange that I’m getting excited just thinking about the future of electro in New Orleans? Hell we’re behind the times, but isn’t it a beautiful thing that we can see trends coming at us like an unstoppable storm where all we can do is sit and wait to be enveloped? It certainly puts enterprising individuals at an advantage. We are in the middle of a tipping point, where electro in New Orleans is going to start becoming more profitable very quickly. Wonderful.


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3 Responses to “Pretty Lights wrap up”

  1. yella Says:

    hells ya. southeast represent

  2. Alex B > PL Says:

    Pretty Lights is frat-tastic!

  3. twofreshbeats Says:


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