Swiss Chriss and Flounder “Pon De Floor” remix


Swiss Chriss spinning at Electronic Takeover last month

Some babes shakin’ it at the show

The New Orleans music scene is one of the most unique in the country not necessarily for its musical content, but for the industry structure. While most local musicians nationally are looked down upon as hobbyists or dreamers in their respective markets, New Orleans supports its local musicians enough that they can build careers through grants, fund raising, and integration of local artists into most every event in town. And while this anti survival of the fittest attitude is not exactly conducive to creative growth as opposed to technical prowess and showmanship, if you put out a good product here, people are hungry to consume it and champion you. Lately this phenomenon has been manifesting itself in up and coming electro DJ Swiss Chriss. Chriss basically came into New Orleans this year with a brand new product that no one in the city had been able to do at party quality level and he has been reaping the benefits, scoring gigs opening for Hot Chip and NERD as well getting an offer to DJ for Mickey Factz on tour. His live DJing is undeniably movement-inducing, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for some recorded material that captures the sweaty, dirty live show atmosphere on tape. Chriss has finally delivered with his super tense Pon De Floor remix. The track plays like a near 3 minute inhale, building tension that never quite breaks. The hollowed out bass and subdued synth draw you in, up, and away. Details on Flounder are still shady. All I can say is I think he’s in a business class with me? Def check out this remix, a totally unique perspective on a song that has basically been remixed by everyone.

MP3: “Pon De Floor(Swiss Chriss and Flounder Remix)” – Major Lazer

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