Voodoo Day 2 in Review


Phil Anselmo of Down takes command of the audience

Down in the Bingo tent

Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro get physical during the Jane’s Addiction set

The lovers – Jane’s Addiction

Wayne from Flaming Lips watching Jane’s Addiction

Crazed zombie unicorn Jane’s Addiction fan

George Clinton fans funk shit up

Deftjams’ roommate Hendog after George Clinton

DJ Soul Sister spins at the Preservation Hall tent

Halloween is over, and I can’t complain. I’ve got some spotty post show memories from Frenchmen Street that I was smart enough to immortalize via iPhone. Also, it turns out playing dumb with obviously dressed females is a great icebreaker! “I’m a sexy police officer!” “…a what?”

So Voodoo was excellent yesterday. I started the day off a bit late after waking up confused but safe in my own bed some time in the mid afternoon. Got to Voodoo around 4, just in time to catch some Gogol Bordello. I didn’t get a chance to shoot, but my roommate did, and the performance looked great. I was surprised by the group’s command of a festival audience(they were on the mainstage) and the crowd cheered and sang along wholeheartedly throughout the performance.

My most anticipated performance of the day was Down. The set was relentlessly intense. Phil Anselmo’s command of the stage is an extension of his personality. Photo-wise I was having some trouble with the lighting, but I think it turned out ok. Unfortunately we could only shoot for two songs and the tent was so packed that I couldn’t really get a good look after we shot, and I didn’t get to hear Stone the Crow, but the performance was solid and now I want to see Down on the mainstage.

Jane’s Addiction‘s performance one upped last year’s Stone Temple Pilots show no question. Perry Farrell’s theatric stage presence, complete with wizard outfit and wine bottle, projected out into the audience like some reverberating wave of Dionysian sexuality. Farrell and Dave Navarro played off of each other like David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen, their undeniable tension working as a catalyst that propelled the show into a full on spectacle.

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