Voodoo Fest Day 2


Halloween at Voodoo might be the best day of the festival. In addition the the music/festivities, concert goers will attempt to break the record for largest gathering of zombies(6k or something!) Let’s take a look for what’s in store for tomorrow/today.

Tomorrow morning starts off with a lot more hype than substance. Black Lips, American Bang and K’Naan all play early in the day. I really don’t know too much about these guys, American Bang was in a commercial. Black Lips are not agreeing with me right now, and anyone who champions K’Naan as “a better x” is probably more appropriate in calling him “a worse x” or at the very best “a decent x ripoff.” As far as I’m concerned, K’Naan hasn’t put out anything worthy of the attention he garners, so hopefully he’s got a hell of show to make up for it.

Things start to heat up with some Voodoo vets in the afternoon. I had a chance to check out Mutemath during a super early set a couple of years ago at Voodoo and was struck by their command of the stage even in such an awkward time slot. The drummer also tapes his headphones to his head. He says it’s functional. We all know it’s for scene points though.

Mates of State probably don’t have any competition for most adorable act of the festival. The group has some undeniably sick melodies and the drum mixing should be a highlight if everything goes right tomorrow, which it should because living within Murphy’s Law actually builds up a resistance to it. I’m not sure how the whole boy/girl back and forth thing is going to transfer to the festival stage, but they’ll be safe as long as they play Daylight over and over! Oh wait…

Local indie transcenders Rotary Downs once again grace the Bingo Parlor. Last year’s performance was high energy and spot on. The songwriting falls somewhere right of Wilco, with a soulful delivery that could only come out of Louisiana.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, but Down‘s 6:15 performance in the Bingo Parlor might turn out to be the best, or at least the most intense of the festival. To start with, Phil Anselmo is not exactly a normal guy. To put it lightly, I’ll leave it at that. I think I mentioned this in my first Voodoo preview, but Down’s “NOLA” is the last great southern rock album, and to see them in such an intimate setting is going to be powerful.

Wolfmother sucks. Try to not see them if you get a chance.

Drive By Truckers starts 10 minutes after Wolfmother, so there’s another excuse to miss AC/DC Jr. And I don’t want to knock the dudes for being ugly, but those dudes are pretty ugly, so again, try to avoid letting that ruin your day. That’s a visual assault you just don’t recover from. I didn’t even get a sentence in about Drive By Truckers!

Jane’s Addiction are going to be terrific regardless of how they sound so that’s a pretty big pro if you are weighing your options. Face it, Dave Navarro takes the rockstar stereotypes very, very seriously, and Perry Farrel is a freak of nature whose strange occupation of the stage would probably translate better to big cat country at the zoo.

Crossing my fingers for a Peter Criss, Ace Frehley Kiss re-reunion tomorrow!

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One Response to “Voodoo Fest Day 2”

  1. pb Says:

    Whatever dude, Black Lips are the only band that matters

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