Voodoo Fest Day 1


Common at Voodoo ’07

It’s a bit before noon here in New Orleans and Voodoo is ironing out last minute details over at City Park right now. I’m heading over to the site in a few hours to start my photo coverage, and there is no way this hangover is going to stop me from enjoying the best weekend of the year in NOLA.

Baton Rouge natives Generationals are on at 2pm and I’m hoping I get a chance to see that. The group has been building a lot of hype over the past couple months do to a combination of blog lovin’, great tour spots, plus a spot on Urban Outfitters’ LSTN #6 compilation.

The Cool Kids take the stage at 4pm. Apparently they showed up at the Biz Markie show at Howlin’ Wolf last night right before I got there. Biz was only spinning but the crowd was jumping. Great show. I’ve been waiting to see Cool Kids for a little while now. Let’s hope they can translate their throwback beats into a solid live show.

Black Keys at 5:40. I don’t know much about Black Keys, but everyone else talks about them so I should probably just jump on the bandwagon. How should I dress for this? Plaid? Old timey?

Local favorite and classmates My Name is John Michael hits the WWOZ/SoCo stage at 6:00pm. My lawyer just had a chance to check out MNIJM at CMJ in New York last week and loved what he saw. Really terrific pop rock songwriter in the truest sense of the term.

Mainstream/indie crossover artist Silversun Pickups plays one of the mainstages at 6:40. I’m pretty excited for this show, I don’t really know what to expect, but this group has been around for a while so I’m holding them to a pretty high standard.

The Knux taking the place of Q-Tip at 7:30. Knux was chillin’ outside Biz Markie when I showed up last night I think. Not overly excited for this because I wanted to see Q-Tip so bad. That’s alright, I’m open to the possibility of Knux coming out of nowhere and blowing me away.

Justice is on the mainstage at 8:00. I almost don’t even know what to say I’m so excited. I’m trying to lower my expectations since it’s just the DJ set, but I’m having a hard time. Look out for my photos from this, they’ll be up tonite immediately following the set so check back throughout the day.

NOLA favorite DJ Soul Sister hits the Preservation Hall tent at 8:30. Definitely take some time to check out Soul Sister spinning all the best soul classics you have and haven’t heard.

Oddly, seasoned electro vets Fischerspooner are playing the Bingo tent at 8:50, before the end of the Justice set. What the fuck! Another show I’m looking forward to because I just don’t know what to expect.

Ween at 9:00. I’ve never really understood the whole Ween cult/following they’ve got going on. The music’s a little weird and all over the board, but performances are tight and seem pretty high energy. I’m looking forward to at least checking this out.

closes out the show at 9:30. Their lame management(along with Kiss) were cool enough to deny my photo credentials ’cause I guess Emimen “transcends blawging.” Cool…

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to upload photos and reviews throughout the day so keep checking back.


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