Voodoo Day 1 Update – Justice


Shot reminds me of Queen

Uhh, pretty much can’t believe I got this shot

Well what can I say folks, I just saw Justice and I’m still coming down from the high. I did the shake, the worm, the pug, the dug, and even the jug, and while not particularly graceful, I’m confident my white man wiggle was more coordinated than most of the dancing I witnessed tonite(can I hashtag #whitepeopledancing on WordPress?)

And so Justice. As I’d mentioned, I was kinda bummed for the DJ set, but my wildest expectations were fulfilled pretty quickly. Justice threw in 50/50 mix of others’ and original tracks, including a pitiful choice of mixing in Duck Sauce. The rain picked up halfway through the set, with wind and lighting and a steady pour, it made the set. Wind blowing out from behind the stage swirled clouds from the fog machine out into the audience, and the surprisingly young crowd reacted with fits or torso jerking and raised arms. Musically, the Stress mixes were a high point, making it all more the shame that their set was neither headlining nor two hours+ long. Alright France, I’ll give you some credit…


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