Voodoo Fest 2009 Preview


Drawing based on this and this.

New Orleans has some decent parties, but Halloween might just take the cake. My previous New Orleans Halloweens have been nothing short of spectacular. This year should be no exception. The Voodoo lineup taking place Oct 30-Nov 1 is a pretty mixed bag, but there are some definite highlights. Justice, Down, Fischerspooner, Kiss, Jane’s Addiction, George Clinton, Katey Redd and Sissy Nobby.

Justice takes the cake for me. My level of excitement is somewhere between free Six Flags coupons and free 6 inch from the Subway Monopoly game. That’s pretty serious. I really don’t know what to expect though, the live tracks just aren’t enough for me to accurately judge what I’m in for. I think I can rest assured though that I won’t be let down. I’m pretty bummed it’s only a DJ set though, I don’t know if that means they won’t be playing all Justice tracks and won’t have their sweet crucifix setup…

Down will be another performance to look out for. Apparently the Phil Anselmo fronted supergroup will be playing in one of the sidestage tents. That show promises to be one of the best of the festival, although I’m interested to see how the crowd fits into whichever tent they choose. Phil spoke to my Music Industry program last year, and covered some personal topics from his own and others’ drug addiction, his relationship with his family(who was in attendance), and his unique view of the record industry(which included the notion that file sharing is killing music…) Even if you aren’t much of a metal fan, don’t miss this show. 1995’s “NOLA” was basically the last great Southern rock album.

What can I say about Katey Red and Sissy Nobby? The very mention of their names brings me back to a sweaty August day in late 2005. I had just arrived in NOLA for the first time for school and the French Quarter was calling my name. Hopped on a streetcar with roommate Hendog and made it as far as the Wendy’s on St. Charles by Lee’s Circle before both sides of traffic were stopped by the most gratuitous display of booty shaking I’ve been witness too. Girls on the hood of cars in short jorts, fellas hollerin’ and waving daiquiris, and bounce music blaring from what seemed like every direction. Unfortunately Katrina hit less than a week later and spontaneous parties like these were filed away somewhere between the FEMA paperwork and the property title. Realistically, the only way to make the Katey Red and Sissy Nobby performances any more New Orleans would be by adding one of these.

Look for my photo coverage throughout the festival. I’ve been informed that only limited photographers will be allowed to shoot Eminem and Kiss, so I’m not keeping my fingers crossed there. Here’s a couple photos I’ve taken at Voodoo in the past couple years.

Erykah Badu

Weezy pre-set

Mars Volta

MP3: “Planisphere Pt. 1” – Justice

MP3: “Planisphere Pt. 2” – Justice

MP3: “Planisphere Pt. 3” – Justice

MP3: “Planisphere Final” – Justice

MP3: “Stone the Crow” – Down

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