Souls of Mischief don’t miss a step from ’93 to ’09


How I managed to miss out on hearing Souls of Mischief for most of my life, I’m not sure. The Oakland based group got its start in 1991 right at the height of gansta rap. The subdued beats and infectiously simple melody in “93 til Infinity” supersede hip hop. The melody is enough to satisfy those who can’t settle for Cool Kids and Beastie Boys percussion heavy rhythms. The track skips over the guns and glamour for simple down and dirty anecdotes of hard love and endless blunts. “93 til” is more than anything grounding. And now more than 15 years after the original single, Souls of Mischief is back with a single to rival the original. The Domino and Prince Paul produced “Tour Stories” plays like a melancholic memory of years going by too fast. Big thanks to CHRLS XVR from Aquaforce for the heads up.

MP3: “93 til Infinity” – Souls of Mischief

MP3: “Tour Stories” – Souls of Mischief

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2 Responses to “Souls of Mischief don’t miss a step from ’93 to ’09”

  1. Kevin Z Says:

    Wow, that guy in the black shirt looks like a 90’s version of you. Odd.

  2. deftjams Says:

    That is me…


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