Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu, made up of 18 year old Daytrotter artist Sina Sohrab has been dominating my iTunes for a day or two straight now. His sample based tracks and mashups seemingly err with an amateur touch, but result in the musical potential far outweighing any shortcomings. Machu Picchu’s production process seems to be one of both stunning discoveries and difficult dead ends. 1:10 into “Wash Out”, an awkward double heartbeat rhythm pulls the otherwise sublime guitar and horse-clopping loop into a state of confusion that nearly ruins it. Luckily the beat quickly fades into a more appropriate single bass beat that brings the song back together. The folly is overshadowed by the track’s potential though. The “White Winter Hymnal” remix is another story altogether. Re-expressing the beautiful Fleet Foxes song in a unique way is no small task. Where The Twelves remix(via Kickin’ the Peanuts) takes the easy way out and turns the “White Winter” into a club track that really doesn’t do much to deviate from the original outside of the added obligatory drum machine, Machu Picchu expands the original song into undeniable head nodding territory without really making that many overt changes proving that an effective remix doesn’t have to steal the reigns from the original artist. Sadly the song ends suddenly and too soon. Props to iTunes for the repeat button. Check out a couple mp3’s that Sina was cool enough to send over and check out some more tracks from him here.

MP3: “Wash Out” – Machu Picchu

MP3: “White Winter Surprise”(Fleet Foxes Remix) – Machu Picchu

MP3: “Airplanes”(Local Natives Remix) – Machu Picchu


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  1. Machu Picchu “Float” LP « Says:

    […] features a couple songs I’d already posted, including excellent Local Natives and Fleet Foxes remixes as well as several new sample based tracks and remixes. The record begins with a serene Mayer […]

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