10:32 – “Jitter Heart”


Barack Obama spoke in New Orleans today. “Illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship, not have their kids taken away and placed in foster homes….in San Pedro!” What’s so bad about San Pedro? “Well we can’t just send all these immigrants back to Mexico, hahaha. You know why? Because they aren’t all from Mexico! They’re from Ghana, Poland…” It was like a punchline blueball, just lingering painfully. I expected this to continue “Brazil, Kamchatka, Irkutsk, and many of the 1995 Quebec Nordiques who were left behind during the move to Denver, who now live a nomadic lifestyle, roaming southeastern Canada and Maine, unable to communicate with the US residents…”

I’m listening to music today to forget about that awkward experience. 10:32 is Adelaide based producer Tim Koch. Over the course of the past couple years, Koch has quietly put out at least five releases of encompassing soundscapes. “Jitter Heart” from his newest EP “Vanitas” swings and lightly pulsates in subtle melodies not so far from RJD2.

MP3: “Jitter Heart” – 10:32


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