Get Busy Committee does it RIGHT



Kid Cudi figured it out, and Get Busy Committee is bringing their A-game to the table. Let’s face it, most hip hop producer sites are black holes of talent with a low percentage of good beats relative to volume. But this is the future of production. Electro producers(see: Washed Out) are putting out high quality beats that are catchy and rap ready. Get Busy hits just hard enough with their Fever Ray sampling “My Little Razorblade”, a midtempo synth jam with some very appropriately placed cowbell. Get Busy’s verses make this song, initially flaunting the coke dealer club life but eventually eschewing the partying for a lesson in growing up with addict parents and the reality that the 80’s weren’t as glamorous as all the songs say. Enter your email to download a 2 song package on the GBC site.

MP3: “My Little Razorblade” – Get Busy Committee


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One Response to “Get Busy Committee does it RIGHT”

  1. Wiz Khalifa « Says:

    […] beats with hip hop in the same way as Get Busy Committee’s Knife sampling “My Little Razorblade.” There’s just something about raps about the rap lifestyle over smooth synth beats […]

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