LFO reborn(in a good way)


Crush Club has built pop perfection. They’ve got an undeniably marketable image, their songs feature slick production, witty upbeat vocals and raps, and more catchy beats than you can shake a stick at. It doesn’t take more than a couple seconds of listening to see the potential. Make sure you give the DJ Carnage remix of “Luvaholic” featuring G-Eazy a listen. It’s definitely the most unique track. Like a poppier Jamiroquai. I’ve heard firsthand from a couple trusted friends that the quality of their live show is tight, which is a lot more than pretty much any other synth-pop group can say. The group’s masterminds, Nicholas Shanholtz and Bryce Ross-Johnson, both Berklee students in Boston are a dream team. Check them out on the CMJ festival Oct 21st at The Crash Mansion in NYC. You can hear them here.


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