Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz – The Jams of ’99


Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz seem to have fallen into relative obscurity. In ’99 the due seemed posed to break out into the national spotlight having released their platinum single “Deja Vu(Uptown Baby)” released the previous year hitting #9 on the Hot 100. Unfortunately, it was likely too little too late as Tariq and Gunz were more or less Biggie lite. Regardless, they managed to put out the one of the last great hip-hop jam of 90’s Bronx/New York. It also probably didn’t help that they were closely associated with Shaq(‘s rap career…) At the same time when Jay-Z was shooting towards national stardom, he and Jermain Dupri put out the similar “Money Aint a Thang”, an equally worthwhile jam. If 1999 was the end of an era in hip hop, these two songs signaled it. Neither approached the ferocity of Tupac and Biggie, but it certainly seems a testament to that era in hip-hop when some artists can put out a second rate version of the songs from the height of their genre, and it still be quality material. Also, if you weren’t aware, rapper Cory Gunz is Peter Gunz son. Also, definitely check out the “Deja Vu” instrumental here.

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