Washed Out


Heard this band for the first time the other day. This South Carolina transplant living in Georgia makes addictively catchy lo-fi analog synth pop. The vocals are dreamy, the bass is simple, the synth is perfectly chill. The image is perfect. The music video is snorkeling in the coral. I just love the whole concept behind the group. This enigmatic 19 year old hipster with only 2 or 3 pics up. No website. A blog filled with pictures but little information. One of his ep’s is available cassette tape only. Ridiculous, but I get it. It’s cool, it gives real value to that music when the you can’t get it anywhere else. Hell, I bought it. This group is the next step in the evolution of borrowed 80’s beats and pseudo dub stylings in the vain of better MGMT and Passion Pit without the high pitched vocals. Washed Out is more chill than dance and their “Life of Leisure” EP is solid. “New Theory”, “Feel it all around”, and “Hold Out” are really standout tracks. Definitely check out the non-ep “Belong” as well.


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  1. Toro Y Moi « DEFTJAMS Says:

    […] Exploring the best and catchiest jams from around the world « Washed Out Belong – Nola ambient […]

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